Facials For Men

  Sunday 10 July 2022

Facials For Men

Facials: Women's Stereotype

Facials. A pampering ritual for women. The missing piece to a day of relaxation at the pool. A way to connect with friends, exfoliate, and chat endlessly about the latest gossip. Facials are alas given this stigmatized association with women within our society. For instance, when the most muscular of your guy friends explains how he’ll spend his afternoon at the salon getting a facial, you can’t help but judge him internally. You're not judging logically, you're stigmatizing your judgment, and no one can blame you, to be honest. 

“Bro, are you seriously on your way to getting a facial? What’s the angle?”


There are many angles to facials. Your friend starts explaining how his skin feels fresh after a facial, and how bright his skin looks afterward. Still though, with all his elaboration, you still feel as skeptical as ever. You’re a manly gentleman after all, and don’t believe in the need for such luxuries "originally" made for women.

Returning home after your night out, you hit up Google's directories with your hypothesis, learning some seriously insightful information. Facials, stigmatized as one of women's many feminine endeavors, actually benefit men much more than women. That's mainly because men have much higher levels of testosterone, the hormone responsible for hair growth, thicker skin, and other masculine skin characteristics.

Therefore, men's skin tends to be thicker, oilier, and much hairier. Combined, these differences in the skin result in a higher chance for men to develop skin complications such as irritation, blackheads, pimples, zits, acne, razor burns, and much, much more.

Excessive Oil: Blackheads & Skin Breakouts

Because men have larger skin pores, their skin produces as much as 4 times the amount of oil than the skin of women. A moderate amount of skin oil is necessary to keep your skin moisturized, healthy, and nourished. When produced in excess, however, oil blocks the pores of hair follicles, causing what we know as blackheads and skin breakouts. Such skin complications are much more frequent in men than they are in women.

With a facial treatment, clogged pores are cleaned and exfoliated, extracting dead skin, blackheads, zits, pimples, and other dirt from the skin. After facial cleansing is done, the skin's pores tighten and return back to their natural size, decreasing the chance of blocked pores and such skin complications in the short-term future.

Shaving: Ingrown Hairs, Irritation, & Acne

Higher levels of testosterone in men result in an increased production of body hair. Facial hair is no exception to this rule. A man's ability to grow and sustain beard growth is scientifically unrivaled by a woman's ability to do the same. Men trim & shave their facial hair much more than women do. According to studies, the body's most sensitive skin is facial skin, and over 40% of men have shaving-related skin problems. Ceaseless exposure to facial shaving and trimming by men is a major cause of skin irritation, razor burns, and ingrown hairs.

A facial treatment helps mellow down some of the unavoidable side effects caused by your grooming habits. As such, facial exfoliating helps your esthetician ease the extraction of ingrown hairs and blocked follicles, preventing the formation of pimples and irritation acne. The application of nutrient-full facial masks also nourishes the skin, relieving products of regular shaving such as itching, skin irritation, and razor burns.

Age & The Environment: Wrinkles, Pufss, & More

Although men's skin tends to age and wrinkle much more gradually than women's, factors such as genetics, age, and other natural causes like exposure to UV rays and dry or harsh environments can speed up the process of skin deterioration in men. By boosting blood flow, cleansing the skin's pores, and supplying a wide range of natural herbs and nutrients to skin cells, routine facial treatments help the skin maintain its natural tone, texture, and brightness, no matter how exposed it is to such external factors.

The Bottom Line

Perhaps you've noticed that blame could not be pointed out towards your friend for spending his Sunday afternoon at the salon glowing up. He doesn’t seem to be just glowing up as you’ve probably noticed. With such information about facials becoming more mainstream by the day, it is no wonder men all around the world are leveling up their concept of skin care. 

In fact, studies have shown that most men spend slightly less on skincare than women do. For the most part, the stigmatization of facials stands obsolete, and countless men are beginning to adapt to the re-defined era of skin care. Perhaps it’s just about time to join the rally.