What friends, family, and others remember us for. Albeit our most prominent feature, our faces stand unprotected against the factors of our environment. Aging, dryness, UV exposure, and other factors take toll on the way our facial skin changes with time.

Facial Cleansing

Facial Cleansing

Facial cleansing mostly consists of two parts. Exfoliation, and extraction. Steam aids exfoliation by opening up the skin’s pores, allowing deep cleansers an easier extraction of dead skin, oil, bacteria, and other debris within the skin. Facial extraction, in which pimples, blackheads, and zits are securely removed by your facial technician, clears away skin deformities and other complications. The end result is cleaner, healthier, and brighter-looking skin. Read more on facials for men on our blog.

Facial Masks

Facial Masks

Preferably used after facial cleansing, masks have an optimal effect when used on clean, open-pores after exfoliation. Today, there are countless varieties. Certain masks reduce skin puffs, others provide a lustrous glow, while some proclaim anti-aging compounds. Fret not, we’ve chosen the select best of this vast collection of facial masks, and have added some of the best branded products to our use on our shelves.


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