Styling The Stars

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September 19, 2019
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August 14, 2021

Styling The Stars

Mission Accomplished!

On the 2nd of August 2021, X Hair Lounge had the pleasure of partnering with Madi – Kevin Murphy & Quattro for an event that aimed to treat and give free stylish haircuts and premium services to the workers/employees as a reward for their hard work & as a good deed from us

A very interesting day our team shared with the Dulsco crew and the operatives working at the expo 2020 Dubai site, each worker’s hair was styled and assessed in the best/ trendiest way that suited them, it was a very joyful day filled with lots of smiles & memories.

The event started by welcoming the Dulsco operatives, after which the first round of styling was conducted for 50 workers. Following this, a break was given where food was served to the stylists and superstars. Finally, the event was concluded by styling the hair of the remaining workers.
The purpose of the event is to give back to society and inspire other hair care brands to initiate such events to give access to those who may not have the means to experience such premium service.

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